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Axthor Outdoor Furniture is a company that specialises into manufacturing furniture for exterior spaces and sea environment. The firm is located in Valencia, Spain.

The aim of Axthor is to create beautiful, useful and durable pieces of furniture. That is why the design department analyses the market trends, so as to offer furniture that comply with the current aesthetical criteria, but which also allow technical solutions for the users.

The  Axthor collections  are thought to satisfy the technical needs of public installations, such as hotels, public terraces, restaurants and other open spaces.


The high quality of Axthor furniture finishings is recognized by manufacturers, retailers, designers and consultants in Europe and all over the world. The concept of professional handcrafted work is the trademark of Axthor, and is an integral part of its identity. Currently, all of our products are manufactured in the Valencian region.


Right from the start, Axthor is betting on the durability of its furniture and for the excellence of its manufacturing process. The materials chosen carry out the technical requirements of a public and intensive use in outdoor installations, and in a sea or humid environment. Axthor collaborates with the main European brands of components and fabrics for the manufacture of its products.


The Axthor Company has its own design and engineering studio, where creativity and technology work together to create original, exclusive and technical products. Axthor offers through its service SUR MESURE the possibility to customize the furniture showed in our catalogue, but also to create new pieces of furniture responding to the needs and projects of its customers.